WWE legend Kurt Angle explains fight with The Undertaker on a plane in front of Vince McMahon


If you’re a real wrestling fan, you know all about the ‘plane ride from hell.’

It was back in 2002 after WWE had done a show in England and the gang were heading back stateside.

Kurt Angle and Vince McMahon back in 2001

Kurt Angle and Vince McMahon back in 2001

A mixture of alcohol and rowdy wrestlers made for a crazy flight. JBL got knocked out, Brock Lesnar and Curt Henning were shoot wrestling all over the plane and chairman Vince McMahon was determined to take down Kurt Angle with some amateur wrestling.

After attempting unsuccessfully the whole flight, the intoxicated WWE boss made one final bid to pull one over on an Olympic gold medallist in freestyle wrestling.

A key part of this story, though, is The Undertaker choking Angle out for real.

Talking to Stone Cold Steve Austin on his Broken Skull Sessions, Angle detailed his version of events.

“Finally, he goes to the front and we’re sleeping,” Angle started. “They tell us to put our seatbelts on because we’re landing and [Chris] Jericho is sitting in front of me.

“He looks down the aisle and Vince is army crawling as we hit the ground. Jericho looks back and says ‘do you believe what this son of a b**** is doing?’

Vince McMahon welcomes Kurt Angle back in 2020 and made hi RAW GM

Vince McMahon welcomes Kurt Angle back in 2020 and made hi RAW GM

“I look and I see Vince coming to get me – while we’re landing! So, he jumps on me – I let him jump on me – he gets me down and I say ‘OK Vince, you win.’ But earlier, I levelled Vince. I picked him up and slammed him right on his head – boom! I had him down, I gut-wrenched him, and then ‘Taker came behind me grabs me and just tightens it. I mean I could not move. This son of a b**** had me in a chokehold and there was nothing I could do about it.

“You know ‘Taker. He’s a bad ass, strong as hell and he knows submissions. So he had it locked on me and I was like ‘I’m tapping, I’m tapping! Taker, let me go!’ I knew it was him because he’s so damn tall. So yeah, Taker got in on the action a little bit.”

The Undertaker has also been a guest on Stone Cold’s WWE Network show and he gave his take on what happened as well.

“They were going at it,” ‘Taker started. “It was a charter plane and they had big section with the first class seats and I was right next to it because I could stretch my legs right out. So I was in the first row next to first class on this charter and it was the flight from hell.

Kurt Angle was powerless against the size of The Undertaker

Kurt Angle was powerless against the size of The Undertaker

“So I was out [cold] and they were right in front of me. They were at my feet! So, I come to, I look, I hear all this and I see Kurt on Vince, right? And I just went ‘Oh, hell no.’

“So I locked that in tight. Kurt was like ‘Take…’ he could barely get it out. He’s like ‘Take, you’re choking me’. So I let go and by that time they’re like ‘No, they’re just playing!’ So I’m like ‘Oh, s**t’ and I let go, went back down in my seat and went out [cold].”

All is well that ends well, we guess!

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