When Deadpool Killed Deadpool! We Wonder How Ryan Reynolds Processed This?


Marvel Trivia #2: When Deadpool Killed Deadpool! We Wonder How Ryan Reynolds Processed This?
Marvel Trivia #2: When Deadpool Killed Deadpool! We Wonder How Ryan Reynolds Processed This? (Pic credit – Getty Images / Ryan Reynolds )

Marvel Trivia #2: To all the Deadpool fans who indeed followed this superhero, way before Ryan Reynolds made it cool, you know how quirky as well as weird Wade Wilson’s life has been. Ryan, fortunately, for the makers turned out to be perfect casting for the makers as he’s DP on and off-screen.

His funny banter with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is still relevant even after Wolvie’s exit from the X-Men universe. But, today’s trivia is about the time when DP killed everyone, and the last target left was he, himself. What happened next? Well, that’s what the trivia is all about.

A fascinating trivia published on CBR states, “After targeting the entire Marvel Universe, he set his sights on the only target left – himself. It’s part of what’s commonly called the Deadpool Killology – DP Kills the Marvel Universe, Deadpool Killustrated, and DP Kills Deadpool – the culmination of a murder spree that can only lead to himself. Wade gets in a pickle because of alternate versions of himself that exist in different dimensions. He forms a group and embarks on adventures, calling the team-up the DP Corps.”

It also adds, “The team is made up of Lady Deadpool, a disembodied head called Headpool, an unkillable pooch named Dogpool, and Kid Deadpool. It’s not the Deadpool Corps that Wade targets. Instead, he goes after Dreadpool. You guessed it; this is yet another version of himself. Dreadpool dispatches the Deadpool Corps and Wade is bent on revenge. They meet in an epic clash, resulting in Dreadpool seeing the error of his ways. Deadpool manages what the title promises and Wade kills himself – at least the version of himself called Dreadpool. It all sounds very final, but Deadpool lives to kill another day.”

Fans, isn’t this SUPER COOL? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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