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Mr Biden has claimed victory in the contest and pledged to “govern as an American President”.

However Mr Trump has refused to concede, and is challenging a number of results in the courts.

The president has alleged, without providing solid evidence, that he’s the victim of mass electoral fraud.

A faceoff between supporters of the two men was reported on by Sky’s Alex Crawford in Atlanta, Georgia, one of the key battleground election states.

Ms Crawford said: “There are two sets of supporters here, we’re on the side of the Joe Biden supporters, some of them are armed.

“You can see on the other side behind a very small line of police there are Trump supporters, they are also armed.

“The two of them have come together and as you can see a number of them have come armed.”

Footage from the scene showed police separating the two sides, whilst a number of people on both sides were equipped with military grade rifles and pistols.

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Georgia has announced a recount of the votes after the final tally put Mr Biden ahead by just 7,248 votes, or 0.1 percent.

Ms Crawford spoke to armed men in both the pro-Biden and pro-Trump groups.  

One anti-Trump protestor, carrying a rifle, said: “Armed anti-Trump “They came to my city with guns and we know their intent. Trump supporters.

“They come into my city that they don’t live in with guns, yes I feel very threatened.”

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Later an armed Trump supporter stated: “They’re infringing on our rights, on the people.”

Asked why he had a gun another Trump supporter replied: “It’s our constitutional right.”

Mr Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States on January 20 2021.

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