Shop 13 Pieces of Jewelry Perfect For Fidgeting


This year has been stressful. The whole world is in a constant state of fear over COVID-19 and we are in the midst of quite possibly the most important presidential election of our lifetime. And to add another layer, we are approaching winter, potentially in isolation. If this year has brought you anxiety for the first time (*raises hand*) or increased your anxiety, we’re right there with you. Like we said, it’s been a lot. So, we’ll take a break however we can get one, and some jewelry designers are right on our level with this rising trend: fidget jewelry.

Fidget jewelry, or antianxiety jewels, are like the fashionable fidget spinners we never knew we needed. Oftentimes when we’re anxious or nervous, we resort to nail bitting, tapping, or worse, mindlessly scrolling social media.

In a year of chaos and so much time at home, fidget jewelry might be the perfect outlet for bored or nervous energy. We should mention that it’s anecdotal and not entirely backed by science, but even a slight sense of relief or distraction could be self-soothing in a year that feels so out of control. Shop all our favorites ahead for that necessary relief.

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