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Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris traded blows in their first and only debate yesterday. The two sat 13 feet apart, divided by plexiglass windows as Susan Page took over from Chris Wallace in the moderator’s seat. She managed a comparatively civil exchange between the two candidates, and polls immediately following have settled on a winner.

Who won last night’s Vice President debate?

Broadcasters quizzed viewers about the debate immediately following, and to them, there was one clear winner.

A CNN poll of registered voters found six in 10 (59 percent) believed Senator Harris won, while just 38 percent favoured her opposition.

The same poll also found Senator Harris soared in popularity ratings while her rival stayed put.

“Harris, by contrast, was lucid, clear and straightforward. She’s a politician, too, and she also danced around the answers to some questions.

“But as a general rule, she answered. As a general rule, Pence did not.

“No, Pence did not shout and sputter and bluster and refuse to shut up like his boss did at the presidential debate.

“But consider how low we’ve set the bar, and that Mike Pence barely cleared it.”

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