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Joe Biden “knows how essential” a close US-UK relationship is and the president-elect will work to foster a strong alliance with Boris Johnson, according to former FBI boss James Comey. Mr Comey told Sophy Ridge Joe Biden “knows” he needs the UK as a close ally when he takes office next week. This comes after claims in the Sunday Telegraph from close friends of Mr Biden that the next US President will prioritise a relationship with Boris Johnson above other foreign leaders.

Mr Biden will be sworn in as the next President of the US on Wednesday.

Mr Comey told Sky News: “I think, because of the nature of the leader he is and his experience in Government, he knows how important that relationship is in all kinds of ways.

“The one I know best is the security relationship, which is essential to the security of the US

“Our work with your intelligence, military and law enforcement folks is a bedrock of our relationship, and it is essential to our security.

“Your colleagues, your fellow citizens save American lives on a regular basis.”

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He added: “He knows that, he has been in the White House situation room. He has seen the help we get from the British security operations.

“I also think he embodies the values that our Western alliances are at the centre of peace in the world. He gets that. I would expect him to foster a relationship with the UK.”

Sources close to Joe Biden suggest the president-elect will visit UK for his first foreign trip outside of North America.

The trip would be a major diplomatic victory for Boris Johnson as Britain seeks to strike a global leadership role outside of the EU.

Earlier on the BBC’s Andrew Marr, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab admitted he plans to visit Washington DC “as soon as it is possible”.

According to sources, Joe Biden’s visit to the UK will take place in advance of the G7 summit in June, also hosted by the UK. 

The British ambassador in Washington, Dame Karen Pierce, is expected to attend Mr Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday.

Mr Biden is also expected to return to the UK following the G7 summit for the United Nations’ climate change conference in Glasgow in the Autumn.

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