Grand Theft Auto V might be getting the VR treatment


Talk factory: A major name AAA computer game title might be advancing toward the VR stage. A studio that works intimately with Rockstar is searching for ability to take a shot at an “open-world AAA VR venture.” It doesn’t make reference to what that undertaking is, however bits of gossip propose it may be a VR port of GTA V.

Australian designer Video Games Deluxe (VGD) has posted a few activity postings on LinkedIn as it equips to chip away at what it says will be an “AAA” computer generated reality game.

“Searching for experienced software engineers to assist us with building up our next AAA Virtual Reality Open World game,” the posting peruses.

It’s searching for a senior game play software engineer, game creator, and seniior illustrator. The Motley Fool estimates that the venture may be Grand Theft Auto V.

The gossip that the undertaking may be GTA V comes from the way that VGD has worked solely with Rockstar Games since 2013. It is a similar organization behind the side project VR title LA Noire: The VR Case Files. Rockstar has a full library of open-world titles going right back to Grand Theft Auto 3. All in all, why GTA V?

First off, VGD’s first Rockstar VR port was the previously mentioned shortened LA Noire VR port, so the intelligent advance would be the following open-world game Rockstar created, which would be Grand Theft Auto V. Skirting up to Red Dead Redemption 2 appears to be excessively yearning. More established games are simpler to port to VR since they will in general be less equipment escalated.

It isn’t probably going to be the main Red Dead game either. The senior artist position portrayal makes reference to the recently recruited employee will be explicitly “working with characters, vehicles, weapons, and general props [emphasis mine].” Animating vehicles truly well limits it to either LA Noire or one of the GTA games. Excellent Theft Auto V is currently seven years of age and was initially discharged on the PlayStation 3. It is directly in the sweet spot for a VR makeover.

The other chance is Video Games Deluxe is dealing with a LA Noire development, which would bode well considering VR Case Files is fairly short. In any case, it appears to be almost certain that Case Files was a testbed for VGD to perceive what it could do with an open world Rockstar title in virual reality—an analysis to check the coordinations of accomplishing something progressively eager. A full game port similar to Borderlands 2 VR appears to be progressively fitting, yet this is only my own pondering.

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