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This week, Taiwan unveiled its new “aircraft carrier killer” corvettes in a special ceremony attended by President Tsia Ing-wen, who named the prototype ‘Ta Chiang’. Taiwan media have dubbed the corvettes as the country’s “aircraft carrier killer”.

The new weapons will come equipped with an array of missiles and anti-surface weaponry.

According to military analysts, the fleet will be a key component of Taiwan’s coastal defence.

They will also be capable of effective hit and run tactics against the Chinese Navy.

But Beijing have lashed out at Taiwan’s new weaponry claiming the guided-missile corvettes could be a potential target for their Z-9 helicopter.

Chinese military commentator Song Zhongping told Global Times Taiwan’s warships could be bogged down by its missile and torpedo weapons.

He told the Chinese state-run publication: “It is a small ship with strong firepower, but its planned tactic against the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) will not work.

“The PLA may not use warships against the island’s corvettes in the first place, but instead use aircraft to destroy them.

“This makes the Tup Chiang-class corvette a target candidate for the Z-9.”

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While never having ruled Taiwan, the Chinese Communist Party considers the country to be a breakaway province and believes it must be brought back to the motherland.

Back in October, China’s President Xi Jinping told troops to prepare for war following Washington’s support of Taiwan.

With a potential war on the horizon, Taiwan is outgunned by China and has called for the US to provide the country with the necessary defensive materials.

Taiwan’s foreign minister, Joseph Wu, previously told The Guardian: “Considering that China may want to launch an attack a couple… or several years down the road in a more massive way, we need to procure more items from the United States.

“We cannot assume that China will attack Taiwan or will not attack Taiwan, in what period of time.

“But if we look at the Chinese preparation in the last couple of years, they have certainly intensified their military deployment against Taiwan and also intensified their exercises around Taiwan.”

Fears of a war increased this week after Chinese army tank and infantry units took part in an urban warfare exercise described as a mock invasion of Taiwan.

Footage aired by China’s state broadcaster CCTV last week included rare images of the Type 96A main battle tank during a war game in Hangzhou, in east China.

The Chinese army units of 72nd Group Army took part in the street battle exercise which attempted to simulate conditions China’s invading forces could encounter if they invade Taiwan.

It is believed the invading “red” force of 230 soldiers and 30 tanks were tasked with capturing an urban city block defended by a “blue” team.

General Alan Shih, Taiwan’s defence ministry spokesperson, said Taiwan’s military will continue to improve its “defence capabilities”.

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