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Christmas is always a tricky time financially due to the number of bank holidays over the festive period. As well as Christmas Day, December 28 is also a bank holiday this year as Boxing Day falls on a Saturday. This means benefits, including Child Tax Credit will be paid out at different times over Christmas. has everything you need to know.

When is Child Tax Credit paid this Christmas?

In total, the Christmas period sees three bank holidays over the space of one week.

In addition to the bank holidays listed above, New Year’s Day is also classed as a public holiday.

If your payment was due to enter your account on one of these days, you don’t have to do anything.

Payments will be adjusted automatically and accordingly by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

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Child Tax Credits are paid every week or every four weeks depending on claimants’ preference.

According to the Government website, if your payment falls on one of the bank holidays, you’ll be paid early.

If your payment date falls on Christmas Day, which is on a Friday this year, you will receive your money on December 24, Christmas Eve.

If your Child Tax Credits were due to come in on December 28, your payment will be given on Christmas Eve as well.

Child Benefit can also be paid on a weekly basis if you’re a single parent or you or your partner are entitled to certain benefits.

In England and Wales, if you are due to be paid on December 25 or December 28, you will get your money on December 24.

In Northern Ireland, if your payment is expected on December 29, your money should come through on December 30 instead.

Meanwhile in Scotland, if you are due to be paid on January 4, you’ll be paid on December 31, and if your payday falls on January 5, the money will be in your account the next day on January 6.


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