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Leading up to the end of the transition period on December 31, Remainers stated there would be chaos at the border. So far this month, however, port authorities have indicated the border is currently running smoothly. Due to this, Brexiteers Sir John Redwood, MP for Wokingham, and Daniel Daniel Kawczynski, MP for Shrewsbury, demanded an apology from Remainers.

Hitting out at “Project Fear”, Sir John said: “A week after Brexit and Dover port working fine.

“Still no apologies from the Project Fear commentators and media forecasters.”

In support of his colleague, Mr Kawczynski stated the preparations made by the Government had been sufficient to negate any disruption.

He said: “Read reports by Managers of Calais & Dover ports that investments were sufficient to negate any disruption post Brexit.

“We shared this confidence with British media many times & yet they still continued to try to sensationalise the issue.

“Now, no problems will they apologise?”

While no problems have been reported at the port of Dover, officials have claimed this is due to low traffic levels attempting to cross the English Channel at the moment.

Due to the heavy stockpiling prior to Christmas, they claimed traffic had now dropped below levels they would expect for this time of year.

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Chris Parker, director of capacity and commercial capacity at DFDS, said: “As we expected, the amount of traffic has dropped quite sharply since New Year’s Eve.

“It always happens in the New Year anyway but with the Brexit stockpiling we saw in December it’s even lower than it would normally be.

“We’re about 60 percent below what we’d normally have.”

Although the EU and UK signed a non-tariff agreement, there is new paperwork needed to cross the Channel.

Kent Police handed out 113 fines as of Wednesday morning but also said a high volume of drivers had the required paperwork needed to cross.

However, haulage companies are still issuing calls for lorry drivers to make sure they have the required paperwork before they cross.

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