Best Fuzzy Bucket Hats For Fall and Winter


Your favorite knitted beanie has competition, and it’s just as cute. Enter the fuzzy bucket hat. While this trend may seem a little tricky to style at first, it’s actually just as simple as popping on a beanie in the colder months. (Plus, it makes dressing up for fall and winter *a little* more bearable IMO.) I’ve been a huge fan of wearing bucket hats in the summer and pretty much own everything from a denim style to a tie-dye one, and I was a little bummed to have to put them to rest. Once I started seeing various fuzzy versions pop up all over my Instagram feed, it felt like my hat prayers had been answered.

From a straight-up faux fur hat to a chic white shearling style, there are plenty of different options that seem appropriate for this time of the year. There are even many animal-print styles that come in everything from cheetah to leopard if you’re looking for something more eye-catching. Ahead, we’re showing you seven easy ways of styling your cold weather-appropriate bucket hat. We’ve also curated a selection of some of our favorites if you’re looking to give the trend a try yourself.

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