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The MP for Wokingham accused the corporation of appearing to show “what might go wrong” now the UK’s transition period with the bloc has ended. Mr Redwood added the BBC seemed to be biased towards those who supported remaining in the EU. He wrote on Twitter: “Without bad news on Brexit, the BBC now regularly makes news out of predictions of what might go wrong in the future.

“Try reporting what is happening, not what people hostile to Brexit think might happen.”

Mr Redwood previously criticised the BBC for not highlighting post-Brexit opportunities.

Last month, he wrote: “BBC’s Today programme is inviting guest editors to explore themes they normally ignore.

“So why no guest editor to explore all the opportunities the UK has once out of the EU? Too radical for them.”

Baroness Kate Hoey responded to his comment and said: “Because they only want to be negative.”

Former MEP and Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage also savaged the BBC after he claimed Britons were fed up with Brexit “threats”.

He said: “We were told of course there would be massive traffic congestion in Kent and in Calais.

“And it’s turned out those threats were about as serious as the millennium bug 20 years ago because all the freight is operating perfectly smoothly.”

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This comes after the broadcaster recently issued new guidelines for staff to “ensure the highest possible standards of impartiality across the organisation”.

This included staff working in news and current affairs, along with Countryfile, The One Show and Woman’s Hour.

The BBC’s impartiality guidelines also say staff have also been warned to “be wary of ‘revealed bias'”.

This could be through the use of likes or re-posting other posts, or “inferred bias” where a post is impartial but loose wording allows readers to infer a bias where there is none.

The Defund the BBC group previously warned people were facing an “injustice” by paying for the licence fee, particularly when the BBC is accused of being biased.

Campaigner Rebecca Ryan said: “For the last four years the Brexiteers have been portrayed by the BBC as being thick, racist and old.

“It is difficult to explain to people who didn’t support Brexit how it actually feels to be forced to pay for something on fear of imprisonment only to be repeatedly portrayed in that way.”

Conservative MP Lee Anderson also blasted the BBC for being a “propaganda machine”.

He said: “The BBC are not fit for purpose.

“They are nothing more than a left-wing propaganda machine who allow their multi-millionaire stars to interfere with the running of our country.”

The new guidelines also tell all employees that they must “always behave professionally, treating others with respect and courtesy at all times: follow the BBC’s Values”. has contacted the BBC for a comment.

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